Al & Al: The Creator

A co-commission between Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival and Cornerhouse, The Creator is the latest work by award-winning British filmmakers AL and AL. Specifically commissioned for the 2012 Festival, the beautiful and surreal 45-minute long-form short explores the visionary dreams of the creator of computers and pioneer of Artificial Intelligence, Alan Turing. Marking the exact centenary of his birth, The Creator screened at Cornerhouse, Manchester, on Saturday 23 June.

Decades ago, Turing famously asked, ‘Can machines think?’ and ever since, the notion of computers exceeding human intelligence has transfixed researchers and popular culture alike. For their fantastical Turing interpretation, the directors conjoined Lynchian nightmare with the prophetic themes of J.G. Ballard. Audiences will enter the haunting dream world of the legendary scientist, who gave birth to the computer age. Turing’s binary children embark upon a mystical odyssey to explore their creator’s dream diaries in a quest to discover their origins and destiny in the universe.

Probing the infinite possibilities of technology, AL and AL investigate the shaping forces of fantasy and reality. Having established themselves as pioneering artist filmmakers, they combine performance with computer-generated 3D environments to create dream worlds in film.

AL and AL added: “What is mysterious about Alan Turing’s fate in Manchester is that he arrived in the city as one of the most logical and rational thinkers living on the earth, overseeing the creation of the world’s first computer, but in the end, after his arrest and conviction, he began seeing a Jungian therapist who encouraged him to keep a dream diary and explore his unconscious and irrational mind.”

About AL and AL

Since 2001 AL and AL have created an award-winning body of computer-generated films commissioned by Film London, animate projects, Channel 4, Liverpool Culture Company, FACT, MuHKA, World Science Festival, Arts Council England, the Royal Society and the British Film Institute, exhibiting internationally in over 50 countries in galleries, site-specific installations, film festivals, television and concert halls. In 2008, the duo’s critically acclaimed solo exhibition at FACT for the European Capital of Culture, Eternal Youth, toured to the National Art Museum of China in Beijing during the Olympic Games. In 2009 they transformed the first railway station in the world into a space for the arts and were awarded the Liverpool Art Prize. In 2010 AL and AL collaborated with composer Philip Glass and physicist Brian Greene on Icarus at the Edge of Time. The premiere at the World Science Festival was introduced by Professor Stephen Hawking in New York with a 64 piece symphony orchestra. In 2011 they completed a trilogy of shorts for Channel 4 television and began development on their debut feature in association with Warp Films, BFI and Film4.


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