I was interviewed by local star DJ, writer and bearded fellow Greg Thorpe as part of his regular ‘Manchester: In Residents’ series on the popular blog, Manhattanchester. Although word association makes me think of ‘revenant‘, which often feels more appropriate, after another night of patchy sleep, being a term for an animated corpse. My colleague Dave described the resulting spiel-of-consciousness as ‘verbose morose-cool’, which by Dave’s standards is a glowing compliment.

Image: Creative Commons / StefaniaVS on Flickr

Punchcard Economy

At the Punchcard Economy workshop for Future Everything, brainchild of  creative inspiration Sam Meech. Here I was taught to machine-knit my own textile pattern based upon my working hours and too-frequent overtime. A surprisingly tough but hugely enjoyable workout, dropped stitches and all, resulting in a sort-of-scarf. Inspired by The Eight Day Hour Movement, Sam’s project reinterprets the heritage of the NW textile industry whilst documenting the increasingly-squeezed experience of workers in today’s digital, creative and cultural industries. Meanwhile… it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it!

David Shrigley life class drop-in

Last night was the first of x3 drop-in sessions for the public to have a go at drawing David Shrigley’s ‘The Life Model’. The artist was still adding eyelashes an hour before opening but after lifting ‘him’ into position and adding a rather fabulous wig, and connecting the arduino board and power for animatronic action, he was blinking and pissing into a bucket in no time. First through the doors was a huge group of students from the Visual Art Society at MMU, followed by a herd of public, so many that we had almost 100 people in the gallery. The drawing materials table was completely blitzed (actually quite pleased about this, I love shopping for art materials/stationery so this is the perfect excuse to hit-up Fred Aldous today), and dozens upon dozens of illustrations and sketches were produced that will be added to the walls in time for the exhibition opening on Friday 12 Oct. Sessions continue tonight, Tue 2 Oct and tomorrow, Wed 3 Oct from 18.00 – 19.00.