Family Photo

A fantastic morning in the Fred Aldous photostudio with special guests Joseph of Nazareth (Darren Timmai) and Mary, Mother of God (Natalie Dawson), alongside photographer Elle Brotherhood, as we gathered material for the upcoming Nicho Nativity installation and grotto. The pair were surprisingly pliant for such stars of Bible and screen, although Joseph had to take a few business calls, and Mary is fond of a roll-up or three. Continue reading “Family Photo”

Less Important Portraits

I’ve received my augmented portrait from artist Jeremy Bailey as part of his Important Portraits: Less Important Portraits series, and I’m blown away! My living room has been transformed by purple grass, levitating cats and a noble steed awaits me upon a rocky outcrop as geometric shapes detach themselves from the precipice. It will be appearing in exhibition at Devotion Gallery in New York, opening Fri 14 June 2013. Continue reading “Less Important Portraits”

Ready, steady, grab

Never has a shopping experience been so stressful. Along with our wardrobe, hair and make-up supervisor Di Lucille Campbell, I’d negotiated a one-hour ‘supermarket sweep’  inside the extensive Costume Store of The Library Theatre Company; a long-estabished Manchester based performance company (founded 1952) and recent merger under the mega-arts umbrella of the Greater Manchester Arts Centre. Continue reading “Ready, steady, grab”

Sketch-O-Matic at Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2013

I can now announce that Sketch-O-Matic will be appearing at the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival from Sat 22 – Sun 30 June, featuring a new rosta of community artists and perhaps some familiar faces (or silhouettes, depending on how close you peer to the mirrored screen). Previous artist-participants are welcome to get in touch if they feel inspired to make a trip out to the countryside, and as anyone who has been before will know, it’s a wonderful, picturesque little town by the river, with the festival celebrating its 20th year. The booth will be sited inside the newly renovated and expanded Town Hall, which forms the hub of activity. You know the score – form an orderly queue and empty your pockets of cash!

Owner of a Lonely Heart

More footage from videographer Tim Brunsden, not originally intended as a single camera edit, but too good to end up in the digital waste bin. I think this is my favourite part of The Right to RULE… I mean, I loved *all* of it, but excepting the unicorn finale, this number had me grinning from ear to ear. The lambs hearts were actually still part-frozen, having only been procured from the Arndale market hour earlier (no pigs hearts within scrambling distance!), and contrary to our expectations, the wonderful ruff from Volkov Commanders was entirely salvageable! Also featuring Stef and Laura of the Ultra Violets, and of course, Honey Mahogany, currently starring in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5. I love it when a plan comes together. Wait, which member of the A-Team does that make me? Probably Howlin’ Mad Murdock.

Alternative Gallery Tour with Harry Hill

With the current Cornerhouse exhibition – David Shrigley’s HOW ARE YOU FEELING? – being very much focussed upon participation, it was the ideal opportunity to return to last year’s successful format of an alternative gallery tour with someone able to cast a fresh light upon the work on display. Barbara Nice would be a tough act to follow, her seemingly clueless but ultimately sharp-as-a-tack schtick having gone down a storm as she equipped visitors with feather dusters and requested they keep an eye out for mucky pictures taken during her glamour modelling days.

Continue reading “Alternative Gallery Tour with Harry Hill”


A selection of images from the closing night performance-party of AND: trixxie carr’s The Right to RULE. And what a night it was! Glorious. Incredible. Stupendous. Flawless. These words don’t even come close. Write-up, video clips and image galleries coming when we recover… all images in this post courtesy of Roshana Rubin-Mayhew.