One more week!

One week remaining of Jamie Shovlin’s Hiker Meat exhibition in Manchester, plus the final screening of our feature film, Rough Cut, on Sunday 20 April at 18.20. I highly recommend it, but then, I would. A couple of poster designs included here to entice any stray hitchhikers thumbing a lift over the interweb. Come to Camp Pharos! It’s almost Harvest Festival. We’ll be awfully glad to have you over for a bite to eat.


I was interviewed by local star DJ, writer and bearded fellow Greg Thorpe as part of his regular ‘Manchester: In Residents’ series on the popular blog, Manhattanchester. Although word association makes me think of ‘revenant‘, which often feels more appropriate, after another night of patchy sleep, being a term for an animated corpse. My colleague Dave described the resulting spiel-of-consciousness as ‘verbose morose-cool’, which by Dave’s standards is a glowing compliment.

Image: Creative Commons / StefaniaVS on Flickr

Punchcard Economy

At the Punchcard Economy workshop for Future Everything, brainchild of  creative inspiration Sam Meech. Here I was taught to machine-knit my own textile pattern based upon my working hours and too-frequent overtime. A surprisingly tough but hugely enjoyable workout, dropped stitches and all, resulting in a sort-of-scarf. Inspired by The Eight Day Hour Movement, Sam’s project reinterprets the heritage of the NW textile industry whilst documenting the increasingly-squeezed experience of workers in today’s digital, creative and cultural industries. Meanwhile… it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it!

Sniff Your Finger

Just some of the queue that wrapped all the way around Manchester’s Cornerhouse Cinema 1 for last night’s sell-out screening of Scratch and Sniff Cinema presents The Wicker Man. It was heartening to have people coming up afterwards asking what the next one will be, also the amount of folk who hadn’t realised we’d already done a smelly version of The Goonies and requested a repeat outing. I’m thinking, if there is another, maybe… Roald Dahl’s The Witches?

Rough Cut international premiere

Proud parents and participants, all. Group shot for the world premiere of Rough Cut on Fri 29 Nov 2013 before it embarks upon the international festival circuit, beginning with the prestigious Rotterdam International Film Festival. Left to right: Jamie Shovlin (Director), Agnes Aspen (lead actress), Bren O’Callaghan (Producer), Mike Harte (Writer, Hiker Meat), Euan Rodger (Composer). The giant lactating monster worm wouldn’t come outside for fear of getting his wig wet – you know how touchy mutant invertebrates from prehistory can be.

Family Photo

A fantastic morning in the Fred Aldous photostudio with special guests Joseph of Nazareth (Darren Timmai) and Mary, Mother of God (Natalie Dawson), alongside photographer Elle Brotherhood, as we gathered material for the upcoming Nicho Nativity installation and grotto. The pair were surprisingly pliant for such stars of Bible and screen, although Joseph had to take a few business calls, and Mary is fond of a roll-up or three. Continue reading “Family Photo”

Creatures of the Forest

Today’s parcel post brought handmade papier-mâché animal masks created by 76- year-old outsider artist Yevgeniya Kilupe of Latgale, Latvia, for Scratch and Sniff Cinema presents The Wicker Man. Bagsy first dibs!